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As the aveoi expand and i with air, the increased pressure promotes the resorption of the ung uid, deivers oxygen to the pumonary vesses decreasing the pumonary vascuar resistance and increasing the pumonary bood ow.

Support Center Support Center. The rate of cervica shortening is faster in women who deiver preterm than in those who deiver at term. A ot depends on the neonata setup avaiabe a sma baby with a birth weight of g may survive especiay if SGA is in a good setup. The four major sensory modaities recommended for neonata deveopmenta intervention incude: In fact, many countries e.

The symptoms are usuay nonspeciic and incude tiredness, fatigue, depressions, papitations and irritabiity. Compicaton of Diabetes in Indian Scenario. Prevention of pre-ecampsia and intrauterine growth restriction with aspirin started in eary pregnancy.

Without proper flcus eves, pregnancy outcome is not ony at risk fous abnorma feta growth and deveopment, but aso at risk for various pregnancy compications.

Care for women with prior preterm birth. If there is no chest rise or there is no rise in heart rate take ventiation corrective measures Actions M Adjust Mask to assure good sea on the face R Reposition airway by adjusting head to snifing position S Suction mouth and nose of secretions, if present O Open mouth sighty and move jaw forward P Increase Pressure to achieve chest rise A Consider Airway aternative endotrachea intubation or aryngea mask airway If the heart rate is more than 60 bpm but ess focis bpm, continue PPV as ong as the baby is showing improvement.


P reterm births are the most important singe determinant of adverse infant outcome, in terms of both surviva and quaity of ife. Pregnancy does not affect the course of HIV infection in the asymptomatic individual but women with Focys are at risk of severe opportunistic infection whilst pregnant [ 6 ]. Offer deivery at 37 weeks. Synapses if not neurons are renewabe.

FOGSI FOCUS The Federation of Obstetric & Gynecological Societies of India

Antipateet agents Antipateet agents may be effective in preventing SGA birth in women at high-risk of pre-ecampsia4.

However, there was no difference in the overa rate of preterm birth, admissions for recurrent preterm fpcus, or admissions to the neonata intensive care unit3. Other factors Pregnancy associated with vagina beeding, urinary tract infections UTIsgenita tract infections, and periodonta disease are considered potentia risk factors.

A pregnant fgsi found to have norma gucose toerance [NGT], in the irst trimester, shoud be tested for GDM again around 24thth week and inay around 32ndth week. Vitamin D heps in estabishing a proper materna immune response of pacenta. Combination of bioogica inheritance and environmenta stimuation stimuate the chid to graduay achieve independence in a areas, et him make his own decisions and take his own time.


New Delhi ; This is not seen with the use of PTU. Thus, decision of termination shoud never be based on screening tests. Responsibiity of the Maternity Service does not end with a safe chidbirth and resuscitation; it ofcourse starts with the irst breath but ends ony when actation is successfuy estabished.


We, one can do one of the foowing: Am J of cin nutrition. Haberg L, Rosander- Huten L Obstet Gyneco ; 5: Evidence is cogsi to show that ess profound materna 25 OH D insuficiency may ead to suboptima bone size and density after birth without overt togsi change. Ce free tocus DNA testing shoud not be offered to ow-risk women or women with mutipe gestations because it has not been suficienty evauated in these groups.


Negro, Thyroid insuficiency during pregnancy: We beieve it is best discussed in a group meeting. Women woud enter pregnancy with an improved nutritiona status. Cervica funneing does not increase risk of PTL associated with a shortened cervica ength1. Survey of Ziovudine use in pregnant women with human immuno deficiency virus infection. And, this fase positive rate goes up; the ower the incidence rate. Women with a singe SFH which pots beow the 10th centie or seria measurements which demonstrate sow or static growth shoud be referred for further investigation.

The initiation of breastfeeding depends primariy on the attitudes and organisation of the Maternity Service but duration of breastfeeding depends on the attitudes of the mother, support from the famiy members and of course timey hep from the Mother Support Group. Stereotype menu same quaity of food day after day. Excusive breastfeeding for at east 6 months of age.

Ofgsi shoud separate L-T4 ingestion and the ingestion of iron suppements vitamins containing iron, cacium suppements, and soy-based food by at east 4 hours. Current controversies in the mechanisms and treatment of Gestationa Diabetes Meitus.